Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dewey Defeats Truman

I simply do not have the words to express right now my complete and utter sense of disillusionment and dismay with the NHL, its players, and the once-proud Edmonton Oiler hockey franchise.

The mood in Calgary today is one of celebration and hope. While there is the expected amount of gloating, finger-pointing, and trash-talk going around relative to the polar opposite situations in which the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames now find themselves, one of the things that is really freaking me out is that there is also a lot of smug condescension, and even a large and genuine outpouring of sympathy for the Oilers and the city of Edmonton. Some of Flames Nation is laughing at us, but most of them seem to actually feel sorry for us.

Wow. This sucks.


  1. Why the dismay? Over the Heatley desperation? It is that time of year after all and maybe there's something in the water.

  2. Been away from the interweb for a bit today, but the dismay lingers. The Oilers smack of desperation, a meddling owner, and maybe even outright incompetence. I don't mind getting Khabibulin, though. It is more or less a lateral move IMO, except that the so-called "Bulin Wall" is 4 years younger than Roloson, has better career stats (including a Stanley Cup Ring), and a killer head-to-head record against the Calgary Flames. Still, something about this deal makes me nervous. Maybe I'm just getting gunshy.

  3. Perhaps your reason for being nervous is the same as mine. My fear is that he will have a couple good seasons at the beginning and a couple bad seasons at the end.

  4. Yeah, I just think it might have been better to give Roloson what he wanted for 2 years and have a plan in place to phase him out and get younger in net. I'm not sold on JDD or Dubnyk, and it says something when you get younger by bringing in a guy who played for the Winnipeg Jets.